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Leanne Maskell

ADHD Expert, Coach and Author


Leanne Maskell is an ADHD Coach, Author, and Activist, having presented to the World Health Organization on improving global access to support for ADHD.

Previously working in mental health and disability law, Leanne set up ADHD Works to empower as many people as possible to learn about how to make ADHD work for them through courses, talks, and coaching. After being diagnosed with ADHD aged 25, Leanne published 3 books, including ‘ADHD: an A to Z’, as featured on Sky News.

Leanne has trained organisations including Disney, Microsoft, Yahoo and Paperchase on understanding, supporting and harnessing ADHD in the workplace.



Key Topics

  1. Understanding, supporting & harnessing ADHD and Neurodiversity at work.

  2. Social Media, Mental Health, Body Image - Experiences as a Model.

  3. Invisible disabilities in the workplace.

  4. Law and ADHD, Reasonable Adjustments and HR in the workplace.



"Leanne finds the perfect balance of professional and insightful, whilst also remaining incredibly authentic and personable in her approach. We found the event so helpful in terms of how we can be managing neurodiversity within the workplace, and many individual members have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed the event. I could not recommend Leanne more highly for an event to educate those in your business on ADHD. Thank you again Leanne!"


Leanne Maskell

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