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Benjamin Arhen

Empowerment Speaker and Youth Mentor


Benjamin Arhen (Benji) is a dynamic speaker and passionate advocate for creating opportunities and empowering underprivileged youth to reach their fullest potential.

With a background as a former university student-athlete, coach, and mentor, Benji brings a wealth of experience in sports, leadership, and mentorship to continuously help others achieve greatness and step outside their comfort zones.

During his journey, Benji pursued academic excellence, earning a Master's degree at Queen's University all while actively coaching and mentoring young athletes. His experience with facing adversity as a racialized individual expanding his identity outside of societal norms has inspired countless young minds to overcome challenges, set ambitious goals, and empower themselves to achieve their goals.

He currently serves as a researcher at MLSE Foundation - an organization that aims to use the power of sport to help youth access countless opportunities while actualizing their fullest potential. In this role, he continues to make a profound impact on the lives of youth through the transformative power of sports.

Key Topics

  1. Adversity builds character

  2. Know your WHY

  3. Discovering your true purpose

  4. The power of authenticity

  5. What lies on the other side of uncomfortability

  6. Utilizing hardships as fuel for greatness

  7. Expanding your identity

  8. The power of sport as a tool

"Benjamin has a unique way of connecting with audiences that make him an outstanding speaker."

Benjamin Arhen

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