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Molly Fenton

Multi-award-winning Female Activist and Founder of Love Your Period


Molly is a nationally acclaimed activist, celebrated with awards like the Queen's Coronation Champion Award and the St David's Award for Young People. She's your universal "big sister," addressing taboo topics and fostering empowerment at any age.

Overcoming illness and living with a benign but inoperable brain tumour, Molly's journey is about living, not just surviving. She shares her path to independence and self-accountability, inspiring others to rebuild their lives from scratch.

From menstrual cycles to women's rights, Molly offers candid discussions to foster self-assured understanding. Her advocacy empowers young minds, fostering early self-empowerment.

Her impactful activism proves anyone can be a catalyst for change and her internationally recognised campaigns highlight the power of activism and inspire action.

Molly's talks resonate with personal growth and rewriting our own narratives, encouraging positive change.

Key Topics

1. Being your big sister - covering anything and everything I wish I had a big sister to ask growing up.

2. Living with an illness - reclaiming your life and helping yourself live over just survive.

3. Life after illness - after years of my life being consumed with illness, I had to learn to rebuild what I have from scratch. Relearning independence and holding myself accountable.

4. The menstrual cycle - periods, discharge, hormones; all the stuff we must know from our very first period.

5. Girls rights - empowering girls to advocate themselves from a young age.

6. Political activism - being a young female political activist in a world against women.

7. It’s up to you to change your narrative - how I went from a behaviour base kid with no GCSEs to a multi award winning activist.

"Molly is an absolutely incredible woman, who is leading the way in advocating for change surrounding such an important subject area. Her talk today was absolutely incredible, super informative and unbelievably important for us to hear. I chatted with some of my peers afterwards and we all agreed we have never had such an engaging and educational speaker come in. I am so looking forward to seeing the changes that I am sure will happen as a result of Molly's incredible campaign!" - Annabel W, Cardiff University Yr 1 Medical Student

Molly Fenton

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