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How it Works

Our speaker agency has collaboration at the heart of the business, select the category that applies best to you and get in touch. If you aren't a place of education or speaker, feel free to nominate a school for a fully-funded talk!


Suggest a School for a Fully Funded Talk

Anyone can nominate a school to go on our fully funded talks list so go for it and let us know why you're nominating them!

For Places of Education

Click here if you are a school, college, sixth form or university looking for a speaker.

Casual Office Meeting

For Businesses

Click here if you are a business or organisation looking for a speaker for your workplace.

Become a Speaker

Click here if you are a speaker wanting to join the agency to talk to global businesses, conferences and at places of education. Are you ready to share your story?

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Partner with Us

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, we are always looking to partner with those who want to make an impact. Donate products, create an educational reach programme, do a giveaway, set up an event together?

The possibilities are endless...

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