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Abena Aboagye

Lifestyle Health Advocate & Podcast Host


With her pharmacy background and a passion for holistic health, she's on a mission to redefine well-being.

As the creative mind behind a captivating Sunday evening podcast, Abena brings together real stories of triumph, failure, and transformation, shared by influential figures from diverse industries.

Whether she's hosting events, delivering talks, or engaging in thought-provoking interviews, Abena's down-to-earth nature and profound insights inspire positive change and foster a culture of holistic wellness.

Key Topics

  1. Holistic Health Insights: Practical tips on sleep, nutrition, supplements, and mental well-being.

  2. Stories of Resilience and Growth: Authentic narratives of overcoming challenges.

  3. Engaging Events and Talks: Interactive discussions designed to inspire well-being.

  4. Conversations with Influencers: Interviews uncovering wellness secrets from industry leaders.

"With her unique blend of expertise and relatability, she's making wellness accessible to all."

Abena Aboagye

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