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Amit Singh Kalley

Co-Founder of For Working Parents


Amit is the Co-Founder of For Working Parents. A former Deputy Headteacher, Amit uses his experience and his training as an ICF Coach to create an environment that is more empathetic and human.

In addition to running coaching sessions and webinars to raise parental awareness and develop effective parent-to-child communication, Amit also speaks publicly about his own story, having lost a parent and then becoming a parent to a daughter born with three holes in her heart.

This helps create an environment of empathy in school or the workplace.

Key Topics

  1. Amit shares his personal journey, dealing with grief, loss, and adversities, emphasizing the themes of empathy, celebrating differences, vulnerability, and resilience.

  2. Parenthood and developing communication.



"Amit brings a unique approach to his talks that truly connects with the audience. Highly recommend."

Amit Singh Kalley

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