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Andrew Jenkins

TV Personality, Mental Health Speaker and Fundraiser


Andrew Jenkins' life took a dramatic turn at the age of 21 when he survived a devastating car accident that left him pronounced dead at the scene. Defying all odds and medical prognoses, Andrew not only emerged from a four-week coma but also overcame predictions of severe brain damage and permanent disability to regain his ability to walk and talk.

Motivated by his extraordinary journey of resilience and recovery, Andrew has dedicated himself to sharing his story with the world. His mission is clear: to inspire people to believe in their inner strength and achieve greatness, no matter the obstacles they face.

Andrew's compelling narrative has catapulted him into the spotlight, leading to high-profile appearances on major TV shows, including BBC's "The Traitors" and "Comic Relief." His influence extends beyond the screen, as he's become a sought-after mental health speaker, delivering impactful talks and workshops to diverse audiences.

With a growing social media presence of over 29,500 followers on Instagram, Andrew connects with a broad demographic. His content spans lifestyle, mental health, fitness, and sports, always infused with his core values of empowerment, positivity, kindness, determination, and support.

Andrew's inspiring journey and authentic approach have attracted partnerships with national brands, further amplifying his message of hope and resilience.

Key Topics

  1. Overcoming trauma and adversity

  2. Mental health awareness and coping strategies

  3. The power of resilience and determination

  4. Inspiring personal growth and self-belief

  5. Navigating life after a near-death experience

  6. Fitness and well-being as tools for recovery

  7. Empowering others to achieve their potential

"Andrew's talk highlighted that we are all capable of overcoming difficulties and that we can change our beliefs and our own stories, you need to be brave and courageous." - Zena Hall, University of South Wales

Andrew Jenkins

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