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Ben Pearce

Human Skills Coach & Keynote Speaker


With two decades of experience at Microsoft, including ten years as a deep technical consultant and ten years leading high-performing teams, Ben Pearce is a seasoned expert in the tech sector.

As the founder of Elevated You, Ben focuses on developing the human skills of individuals within the industry.

He is a prominent voice in the community, hosting the Elevated You Podcast and offering the popular Technical Storytelling course.

Ben's keynote topics, including "Freddy Krueger's Not A Great Bedtime Story" and "Be More Bambi," showcase his innovative approach to leadership and personal development. His impact is felt globally, as he inspires action and drives change in diverse settings, from global conferences to intimate workshops.

Key Topics

  1. Freddy Krueger's Not A Great Bedtime Story

  2. Technical Storytelling to Influence Action

  3. Be More Bambi: Embracing Vulnerability in Leadership

  4. Drive Change: Harnessing Emotion in a Complex World

"Ben Pearce - One of the most inspiring people I have worked with in the industry": Ben F - Director, Workday
"Ben is one of the most interesting and engaging communicators I know": Lee M, Consultant
"Ben always brings such amazing energy and insight and coaching": Miriam L, Microsoft

Ben Pearce

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