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Caitlin Rozario

Co-Founder of interlude and Sustainable Productivity Expert in Work and Education


Caitlin Rozario is co-founder of interlude, a new way for businesses and workers to supercharge their productivity.

She is determined to drive positive change in workplace culture and ultimately make work days better.

After a freak allergic reaction at university led to her becoming temporarily blind and permanently visually impaired, Caitlin learned the value of breaks for not only mental and physical wellbeing, but also high performance.

She has appeared on a number of podcasts, has written about the importance of breaks, sustainable productivity and mental health for a number of publications including Startups Magazine and Workplace Wellbeing Professional, and was recently a key speaker at WORKTECH x London Wellbeing.

A content marketer by trade and a lifelong learner. Caitlin graduated from Cambridge and UCL and recently gained her MBA from Quantic Business School.

Key Topics

1. The power of breaks for sustainable productivity and wellbeing (the science and best practice)

2. The sustainable productivity toolkit for very busy people (tools, systems and processes)

3. Resilience, mental health and breaks: what losing my vision taught me about productivity and wellbeing

4. How teams can work together for sustainable productivity and wellbeing 5. Mental and physical wellbeing at work: not a nice-to-have

6. Work isn't working: how can we make our workdays better for everyone?

7. For leaders: how can we support our teams with sustainable productivity and wellbeing while focusing on the bottom line?

8. For leaders: how to support the different needs within your team to maximise what you can achieve together

9. For leaders: how to take care of yourself when you're always thinking about others

Exclusive for Schools

1.Revision and exam period: how to prepare for exams without burning out. Everything I wish I'd known!

2. Uni prep: everything you need to know about university and how to get the most out of it (learning from my experience)

3. Mental health and striving for excellence: how to take care of yourself while trying to do your best

4. How to choose your university

"Caitlin is a brilliant public speaker, she instantly make the room feel relaxed and comfortable to contribute- which often doesn’t happen in a room where people don’t know each other. It’s also really engaging to watch someone who is genuinely passionate about what they’re talking about."


Caitlin Rozario

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