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Carlos Terol

Impact Entrepreneur and Changemaker


With nearly a decade of experience, Carlos Terol has been at the forefront of driving positive change and sustainability on a global scale. As the founder of Good Ripple, a thriving community of over 1,900 changemakers spanning 87 countries, Carlos empowers individuals worldwide to make a difference.

Through his engaging content on LinkedIn, he has inspired over 19,000 people to embrace sustainability and social impact in their daily lives.

Carlos is driven by a profound commitment to maximizing his positive impact and co-creating a better future for all. His passion for addressing pressing global issues is reflected in his diverse range of speaking topics, which aim to educate, empower, and mobilize individuals towards collective action.

In his talks, Carlos delves into the power of individual action in solving the climate crisis, highlighting the importance of embracing changemaking at every level of society.

He dispels myths around climate science, demonstrating that anyone can contribute to meaningful change, regardless of their background or expertise.

Drawing from his own experiences, Carlos shares practical insights on living a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle, inspiring others to adopt conscious consumption habits. He also offers valuable guidance on transitioning from traditional employment to impact entrepreneurship, encouraging individuals to pursue careers aligned with their passions and values.

Key Topics

  1. The Power of Individual Changemakers in Addressing the Climate Crisis

  2. Inspiring Collective Action: Navigating the Climate Funnel

  3. Demystifying Climate Science: Everyone Can Contribute

  4. Living Sustainably and Minimally: Practical Tips for Everyday Life

  5. Transitioning to Impact Entrepreneurship: Pursuing Purposeful Work

  6. Empowering Employees for Sustainability in Organizations

  7. Youth Empowerment: Cultivating Future Leaders for Change

  8. Climate Fresk Workshops: Hands-on Learning for Climate Action

"Carlos' passion for inspiring positive change shines through in his engaging and thought-provoking talk."

Carlos Terol

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