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Charli Clement

Activist, Writer and Lived Experience Expert on Disability, Neurodiversity, and Queerness


Charli Clement (she/they) is an activist, writer, speaker and Lived Experience Expert, discussing disability, neurodiversity, queerness and how these topics combine.

As a proud autistic, ADHD, dyspraxic & chronically ill person, she delivers training and talks to various sectors, including prestigious organisations like the British Medical Association, NHS, and Lancaster University

Charli has featured in leading media outlets: Metro, Independent, Digital Spy, Daily Mirror, and the Unwritten.

Alongside this, Charli works in the NHS & third sector organisations on improving psychiatric care, sensory environments and human rights for autistic people.

Key Topics

1. Untangling Autism & Chronic Illness - understanding how being autistic and chronically ill intertwines, clashes and changes my experiences across healthcare, education, employment & everyday living.

2. Understanding Autism, ADHD & Dyspraxia - exploring my experiences of being neurodivergent and how I & others can be understood & empowered.

3. Being Autistic & LGBTQ+ - exploring the ways the autistic & LGBTQ+ communities intertwine and what this means for living life as our authentic, whole selves.

4. Disability & Neurodiversity Inclusion in Education or the Workplace - discussing with staff teams about how they can better their inclusion practices.

5. Autism & Mental Health in Young People - understanding how autism, mental health & trauma interact in young people, including discussions of my own experiences of inpatient CAMHS psychiatric care.

6. Disability Pride & Disability Joy - deep diving into why being disabled is such a big part of me and what that means for my life, as well as why society needs to understand this.

"Charli was an excellent facilitator and the themes of the training were really tailored and pitched perfectly to our team. Charli is really engaging and has helped us all to better our understanding and hopefully better our support for our young people" - Participant at Young Minds"


Charli Clement

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