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Dale Vincent

Confidence Coach and Youth Empowerment Speaker


Dale Hancock is not your average speaker; he's a game-changer for kids everywhere, dedicating the past 23 years to boosting confidence and reshaping futures. From school stages in Illinois to the halls of Parliament, Dale's powerful talks resonate deeply with audiences of all ages.

With infectious enthusiasm, he emphasizes the importance of confidence, resilience, and discovering one's true purpose. Dale's bestselling book, "Raw Confidence," challenges neurodiverse stereotypes and inspires readers across the globe. Featured in magazines like Global Man and News 24, Dale's impact reaches far and wide.

From coaching individual children to speaking at corporate giants like Nike, Network Rail, and General Electric, Dale's influence knows no bounds.

He also offers a CPD-accredited program aimed at empowering teachers with life-coaching skills for children. Dale's mission is clear: to empower young minds, one stage at a time, changing lives with each boost of confidence he instils.

Key Topics

  1. Discovering Your Zone of Confidence: Winning in Life's Challenges

  2. Redirecting Bullying: Strategies for the Workplace and Playground

  3. Stress Reduction: Mastering Emotional Regulation

  4. Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Taming Your Worry Monster

  5. Motivation vs. Discipline: Cultivating Consistent Success

  6. Leadership: Becoming a Leader vs. Leadership Skills

  7. Raising Successful Children: Nurturing Self-Belief and Emotional Intelligence

  8. The Power of Self-Belief: Unleashing Your True Potential

  9. Emotional Regulation: Key to Sustainable Happiness

"Dale's dedication to empowering young minds and fostering confidence shines through in every aspect of his work, making him a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come."

Dale Vincent

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