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Danny Bent

Happiness Guru, Author, Host and Adventurer


Meet Danny: the man with an electrifying passion for life and humanity.

He was voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London.

Danny has represented Great Britain in triathlons, raised $500k for charity, cycled from London to India, and even survived BBC's Ultimate Hell Week.

His best-selling book and inclusive communities inspire everyone he meets to do more, give more, and live more.

Get ready to be shocked, inspired, and enveloped in Danny's energy and relatability!

Key Topics

1. How being myself and following my heart led to me being voted one of the top 100 happiest people in the UK.

2. How cycling to India taught me to roll with the punches of life.

3. How I created an army in the UK with project awesome and as a response to the Boston Marathon bombings.

4. How we are infinitely more powerful together.

5. We are infinitely more capable than we can possibly imagine.

6. Discovering true freedom in life.

"Inspiring to a life changing level. Danny was refreshingly different and gave us a rollercoaster of emotions in an hour." HSBC

Danny Bent

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