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Dr Nilesh Satguru

Self-mastery Coach, Compassion Expert and Medical Doctor


Nilesh will help you master your emotions with compassion and awaken true success.

His work spans across 5 continents and his client list includes 7 figure serial entrepreneurs, ex-athletes, authors, executive coaches and award-winning charity founders.

Nilesh is the founder of a community called "Compassion Mastery", whose purpose is to create and elevate compassionate entrepreneurs.

His work has been featured in multiple magazines, including Entrepreneur, and he was recently named by LA Weekly as "10 Leading Coaches to watch in 2023."

Key Topics

1. Instant self-compassion - learn how to elevate your emotions in seconds to see opportunities, build resilience and create optimism.

2. Deep self-compassion - learn how to create a peaceful, pure and positive mind by understanding your true identity. Awakening true success 3. Courageous purpose - learn how to create a clear, courageous and transformative purpose to share with the world.

4. Collaborative connections - learn how to create a positive, inspiring and compassionate so you and those around you can become truly successful.

5. Calm energy - learn how to embody calm energy so you can accomplish meaningful desires with ease.

"For 10 years I had a muddled approach to business and my personal life, this allowed failures to creep in. This experience was worth £1 million to our business but most importantly I significantly improved the relationship with my son which you can't put a price on." - Nick, Founder and Property Enterpreneur


Dr Nilesh Satguru

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