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Ella Watts

Founder of Ladies of Law and Empowerment Champion


Ella Watts is the Founder of Ladies of Law and Empowerment Champion. Ella started in a career in law, before realising her purpose of empowering women at all different stages of their careers.

She is an award-winning Inspirational Woman by Next100Years, has spoken at events at universities and hosted networking events across the UK to bring together women to connect.

Ella has a passion for helping women realise their potential. Ella has experience in the legal space, helping individuals and firms in terms of recruitment, business development and communications.

Ella is an avid networker and is passionate about equality, diversity and social mobility. Ella's talks will include topics such as overcoming anxiety, realising your worth/potential, equality and social mobility in the corporate world and overcoming imposter syndrome to reach success.

Key Topics

  1. Social Mobility: How being brought up in a low-income household has shaped me as a person

  2. Empowerment of Women, Diversity and Equality: what can we do better?

  3. Struggling with Imposter Syndrome

  4. Empowering Yourself to Empower others

  5. Struggling with imposter syndrome and coming out the other side

  6. Mental Health

  7. Recruitment of law firms

  8. Personal branding

  9. Social media in the professional space

"Ella is an authentic speaker who connected with every person in the audience during her talk. She has an amazing ability to tell stories with a sense of humour and genuine approach."

Ella Watts

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