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Elliot Kay

Serial Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, and Communication Expert


Elliot Kay's journey is a rollercoaster of grit and transformation. Growing up in the shadows of addiction and neglect, dodging threats on mean streets, Elliot didn't just survive - he thrived. He's taken those hard-knock lessons and turned them into rocket fuel for success, building thriving businesses and penning six books along the way.

For over 15 years, Elliot's been the go-to guy for all things communication. He's not your typical polished speaker - he's real, he's raw, and he gets results. Elliot's secret sauce? The Ecology of Influence in Communication. He breaks it down like this:

Purpose: Keeping it real with intention

Audience: Knowing who you're talking to and how they tick

Structures: Mixing up your delivery for maximum impact

Content: Dropping knowledge bombs that elevate and empower

Tools: Mastering everything from old-school platforms to cutting-edge AI

Elliot's not just about business. He's lived through the struggle of dyslexia, felt the sting of being an outsider, and knows what it's like to build something from nothing. When he talks about confidence and overcoming hurdles, it's not from a textbook - it's from the school of hard knocks.

Key Topics

  1. Beating dyslexia at its own game

  2. Communicating like a boss

  3. Nailing those presentation skills

  4. Building unshakeable confidence

  5. Hustle 101: The entrepreneur's playbook

  6. Thriving as an outsider

  7. From street smarts to business smarts

"He tailors his insights with precision, offering lessons from his own journey as a speaker of unparalleled brilliance." – Vi Ramnarace, Business Coach and Speaking Expert
"Witnessing Elliot shift the room's energy was a masterclass in engagement—from profound insights to shared moments of joy, he connects deeply, leaving a lasting impact." – Thomas Antoine-Williams, Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Management & Leadership
"Elliot Kay is a dynamic, authentic speaker that can engage with audiences of all ages. At our Foundation, we have been delivering residential youth leadership summits and school workshops around the world for over two decades and are delighted to have Elliot as one of our approved speakers. Elliot will add value to all stakeholders of your school community." – Harry Singha, Chairman of The Harry Singha Foundation

Elliot Kay

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