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Emily Cook

Career Coach & Champion for Social Mobility


Following 7 years of working in finance, across Investment Banking and Private Equity, Emily took the bold leap to follow her passion for helping others and set up her own career coaching business.

Emily provides support to ambitious professionals who are feeling lost or unsatisfied in their careers. Her ultimate goal is to help others thrive in their career and achieve their wildest ambitions, all while prioritising the aspects of their life that are most important to them.

Emily firmly believes that your starting point in life should not limit your potential destination. She is an advocate for social mobility, and she is on a mission to encourage students from all backgrounds to dream big and guide them in making informed career decisions.

Key Topics

  1. Her personal journey from humble beginnings to a 6-figure salary at age 24 and why she quit

  2. Navigating the maze of career options: Tips for success and how to avoid choosing the wrong path

  3. Inspire your Ikigai: Your path to the ONE thing that will make you love your job and live longer

  4. Overcoming fears and uncertainty: How to reframe them to create positive change

  5. Effective Coaching Beyond Management

"Emily not only shared her inspiring personal journey but also expertly guided the audience in discovering their passions. Her ability to connect with the audience and deliver valuable insights made the event truly memorable!" - Tina M

Emily Cook

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