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Gabriella Jessup

Career Strategist & Empowerment Speaker


Gabriella Jessup brings a wealth of experience from her roles in central government and banking sectors, including positions as Assistant Vice President and advisor at Barclays. Passionate about personal branding, apprenticeships, and multi-generational empowerment, Gabriella shares valuable insights to inspire audiences.

Her dynamic keynote talks cover diverse topics such as career progression, self-development, diversity, equity, and inclusion and diversity of thought. Drawing from her own experiences, Gabriella offers practical advice on overcoming challenges, building resilience, and navigating career transitions.

As an upcoming author focusing on self-investment, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating a strong relationship with oneself for personal and professional growth.

Gabriella's impactful presentations have earned praise and recognition at high-profile events organized by the Home Office, JGA Apprentice Group and Government Communications.

Her engaging style and thought-provoking content resonate with audiences of all ages, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring positive change including Head of Government Communications and

Professional Engagements

Presented to the former Head of Government Communications on her contributions toward leading DEI programmes, generational empowerment and social mobility campaigns.

Presented at the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office on the impact of Connecting Diverse Voices, DEI mentoring programme.

Key Topics

1. Empowerment Journey: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Unlocking Potential

2. Self-Investment and Self-Leadership: Enhancing Wellbeing Through Personal Narrative Transformation

3. Career Advice: Lessons from Becoming Assistant Vice President at 22 and Building Confidence in Senior Advisory Roles

4. Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leadership and Mentorship Impact: Harnessing the Power of Unique Experiences to Combat Imposter Syndrome

5. Resilience Amid Industry Transitions: Strategies for Effective Adaptation

For Students

1. Self-Promotion Mastery: Navigating Your Next Career Step with Confidence

2. Student-Focused Careers: Exploring Opportunities in Communications and Engagement and Apprenticeship Advocacy

""Gabriella made an excellent job of presenting her career journey to our apprentices, alumni and staff. She has thought deeply about how she has managed to achieve so much at such a young age and is keen to pass on her story to inspire and mentor others. The audience were full of questions and were so impressed that they were in full flow, keen to find out more after an hour.” 
"Gabriella delivered a fantastic and inspiring speech at the FCDO during the launch of our mutual mentoring program, making a huge impact on the scheme."
“Gabriella left me feeling genuinely empowered. It was inspiring to hear everything you can achieve with an apprenticeship and it made me believe in myself more. I highly recommend her.” 

Gabriella Jessup

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