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Hannah Walton

Advocate and Youth Empowerment Leader


Hannah Walton, also known as That Unlikely Student, defies odds and challenges stereotypes as a neurodivergent, working-class individual who left school at an early age.

Currently pursuing a Master of Science at The University of Manchester, she brings a decade of professional experience to her advocacy work.

Collaborating with prestigious organizations such as The Diana Award, #iwill Movement, and BBC Hereford & Worcestershire, Hannah is recognized as a Global Changemaker 2024 and one of The Big Issue's Top 100 Changemakers in 2024.

Serving as the UN CSW68 UK Delegate for 2024, she passionately champions gender equality.

Hannah's initiatives, including the One/Third Project CIC (2021 - 2023) and Lead The Way Youth Summit, underscore her commitment to building a fairer society and empowering youth voices.

Key Topics

1.It's Okay To Be Unlikely: Navigate Hannah's inspiring journey, overcoming adversity as a neurodivergent, working-class individual who left school early, inspiring resilience, and breaking stereotypes.

2. Bridging Gaps in Education: Advocate for accessible education, sharing experiences, and strategies to break down barriers for all learners.

3. Empowering Youth Voices: Unveil the power of youth work, highlighting its role in empowerment, mentorship, and nurturing the potential of young individuals.

"Hannah's speech was one of the most moving and impactful I've ever heard. Her words will stay with me for a long time. Always grateful for her presence and action!" - George Fielding BEM
"Hannah's insights into bridging gaps in education were eye-opening and inspiring. Her advocacy for accessible education is truly commendable." - Event Attendee
"As a panelist, Hannah's contributions to the Education Panel were invaluable. Her passion for empowering youth voices shines through in everything she does." - Participant at Warwick Inspire Education Panel

Hannah Walton

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