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Izzy Prior

Fractional Brand Strategist & Personal Brand Builder for Purpose-Led Individuals


As a LinkedIn Creator and distinguished Top Voice for Gen Z, Izzy has carved her space in the world of personal branding, after starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2020.

Through her agency, Spark, she passionately constructs purpose-driven reputations for social impact founders and CEOs, the tailblazers of our future.

Her approach revolves around crafting genuine, engaging content that not only fosters customer trust and loyalty but also align with her client’s values. Her expertise lies in collaboratively defining, aligning, communicating and amplifying her clients’ missions.

Izzy's mission is to empower social impact founders but ultimately, her life mission is to aid others on their personal purpose driven journeys and embrace who they are.

She has collaborated with over 30 leaders and executives in the social impact and enterprise sectors and as a LinkedIn Top Voice for Gen Z, she has delivered international talks and amassed over 10 million impressions on the platform.

Key Topics
  1. Young / Gen Z Entrepreneurship

  2. Starting your business

  3. Personal Branding

  4. Finding your purpose

  5. Embracing who you are

  6. Building confidence

  7. Content marketing

  8. LinkedIn marketing

"Her workshop on building a personal brand with purpose was inspiring, informative and value driven, and she made sure to involve our attendees in conversations and 1:1s that spotlighted their challenges and allowed them to work on their brands. I’d 100% recommend Izzy as a stellar speaker and personal branding expert!" - Vadrine Boulle, Corporate Retreat Planner


Izzy Prior

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