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Joe Bellman

Spoken Word Poet and Living with Loss Speaker


Drawing from his lived experience and a creative spirit, Joe has transformed his journey through grief into a source of inspiration.

Joe has left a mark with his powerful poetic keynote talks at esteemed organisations such as the BBC, Lloyds Banking Group and Downing Street.

Joe's unique approach to storytelling has led him to pick up the prestigious 2023 Storyteller of the Year award, recognising his ability to discuss topics in a way that feels most human.

Beyond the workplace, Joe's message is a vital conversation starter for younger generations, shedding light on a topic often avoided or approached with uncertainty.

Key Topics

1. The Power of Storytelling

2. Unleashing your Natural Creativity

3. Workplace Grief and Support

4. Bespoke Spoken Word Pieces / Campaigns

"Joe is just brilliant; he navigates a difficult subject in a way that resonates with all who listen. We were all blown away by his storytelling ability - we can’t recommend him enough.” - Karl Wilson, Group Disability & Mental Health Team, Lloyds Banking Group.


Joe Bellman

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