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Joel Gujral

Founder & CEO of mental health platform MYNDUP


Joel Gujral is the Founder & CEO of mental health platform MYNDUP which offers everything from Therapy and Psychology to Counselling and Coaching.

He started the company with £105 and grew it to a £25m business in 2.5 years raising £5m of funding along the way.

Joel founded MYNDUP in April 2019 after his own mental health struggles whilst working at a global finance company and set up MYNDUP to help others who were struggling to access the right support.

He has also won several awards during his entrepreneurial journey including: CVC Young Innovator Awards 2020, Barclays Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 and Tech Nation Rising Stars 4.0 2022 to name a few.

Key Topics

1. Mental Health

2. Neurodiversity

3. Invisible Illnesses

4. Gut Health and Mental Health

5. Male Mental Health

6. Mental Health Stigma

7. Burnout and Stress Reduction

8. Mindfulness

9. Coaching and Leadership

"Joel Gujral is not just a successful entrepreneur; he's a captivating speaker who can enrich any event. His story embodies resilience, vision, and the power to turn challenges into opportunities, making him a compelling choice for any speaking engagement."


Joel Gujral

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