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Joey Li

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Social Enterprise Leiho


Joey Li is the co-founder of Leiho, a remarkable social enterprise on a mission to empower vulnerable children, families, and individuals. With every purchase from Leiho, you're contributing to employment, skill building, and personal development projects that help rebuild lives. They also provide essential items like underwear, socks, toiletries, and meals to those without a home.

Joey's passion extends to inspiring young minds interested in entrepreneurship. She shares her journey and insights on how to navigate the exciting world of business.

Her talks are a goldmine for aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them a firsthand understanding of what it takes to start and run a socially conscious business.

She is a powerhouse for business talks that aim to create a positive impact. For businesses seeking to do more good and make meaningful contributions to society, Joey's wisdom and experience offer a roadmap to success with a purpose.

Joey was nominated Top 100 women in social enterprise in 2022 by Euclid Network.

Key Topics

1. All things Entrepreneurship and Mental Health.

2. Businesses for good - How businesses that don’t give back can give back.

3. Imposter Syndrome - How to fight the voice inside your head.

4. The real definition of self care - Learning how to become friends with yourself.

5. Leadership - Understanding what kind of leader you are.

6. How to lead with purpose in your everyday life - from starting purpose driven businesses to living a more purposeful life.

"Joey is an exceptional individual whose passion, creativity, and dedication are truly inspiring. Her work with Leiho is making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable communities, and her skills as an entrepreneur add immense value to her endeavors."


Joey Li

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