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Laura Aiken

Resilience Maestro & Holistic Leadership Advocate


Laura C. Aiken is a leading stress and resilience expert, partnering with global companies to foster resilient teams and positive workplace cultures. Drawing on a decade's experience with multibillion-dollar projects in the energy industry and her poignant personal burnout journey, Laura employs a neuroscience-backed approach to enhancing well-being, leadership, and performance.

Her extensive work includes resilience training for a USA-based construction project involving 6,000+ individuals and a country-wide culture program in Saudi Arabia. An associate consultant with Kintla and a registered yoga instructor, she masterfully blends integrative practices into stress, resilience, and leadership strategies.

Laura, a Chartered Engineer, boasts appearances at many esteemed events and platforms, solidifying her as a sought-after thought leader.

Key Topics

  1. Resilience in Action:

    How personal burnout led to a transformative approach to corporate resilience: Delve into Laura's intimate experience with burnout and her neuroscience-backed tools that are helping global teams build resilience and achieve enhanced performance.

  2. Building Robust Teams in High-Stakes Environments:

    The intersection of large-scale projects and resilient team building: Drawing from her vast experience, including her role in a massive USA construction project, Laura shares strategies to bolster resilience even in the most demanding settings.

  3. Holistic Leadership:

    Merging mindfulness with corporate grit: Using her unique background in yoga and meditation, Laura reveals how integrative solutions can help leaders cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, ensuring a lasting impact.

  4. Inclusion and Its Ripple Effect:

    Mental health, DEI, and their profound impact on the corporate world: Harnessing her passion for DEI and wellness, Laura discusses the profound effects of inclusive environments on employee mental health and overall corporate health.

  5. The Engineering of Resilience:

    Bridging the gap between engineering discipline and personal resilience: With a rich background in engineering and her work with Bechtel Corporation, Laura discusses the parallels and lessons between engineering projects and building personal and team resilience.

"Laura's background and expertise in different fields is unique. She is welcoming and understanding."

Laura Aiken

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