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Lauren White

Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and Specialist in Trauma, Addiction, Mental Health, and Well-being


Lauren White is a force of nature in the world of personal development and mental health. Renowned for her powerful motivational speaking, mentoring, and expertise in trauma, addiction, and well-being, Lauren has made it her mission to help successful, hardworking individuals break free from the chains of self-sabotage and addiction.

Lauren's journey began at 18 when she achieved sobriety after battling addiction. This personal triumph became the foundation of her work, allowing her to connect deeply with those struggling to find their path to freedom. Her approach is unapologetically direct – she's committed to creating pathways to freedom for her clients, no matter what it takes.

Her influence spans across the UK and internationally, with notable appearances on behalf of The Amy Winehouse Foundation and The Prince's Trust. Lauren's work extends to private schools, corporations, and even as far as Hong Kong, where she's made a significant impact.

In the corporate world, Lauren collaborates with brands and companies to support staff and employees in addressing mental health, mindset, self-esteem, and well-being challenges. Her platform serves as a beacon of motivation, inspiring people to tackle their everyday challenges head-on.

Recognized as one of the top ten motivational speakers to watch in 2021 by Yahoo Finance, Lauren has been focusing her recent efforts on speaking about addiction and self-sabotage. Her talks, workshops, and retreats are designed to push individuals out of their comfort zones and guide them back to their authentic selves.

Key Topics

  1. Breaking free from self-sabotage

  2. Understanding and overcoming addiction

  3. Building self-esteem and self-worth

  4. Creating healthy boundaries

  5. Developing healthier habits

  6. Trusting the process and practicing acceptance

  7. Rediscovering your authentic truth

  8. Stepping out of your comfort zone


Lauren White

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