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Marisa Poster

Co-Founder of PerfectTed, the UK's fastest-growing energy drink brand


Marisa Poster is a driven entrepreneur and Co-Founder of PerfectTed, the UK's fastest-growing energy drink and Europe's largest matcha brand.

With a background in finance, Marisa leverages her business acumen to fuel startup growth, as evidenced by unanimous offers from all five Dragons on Dragons' Den Season 20.

Her personal journey with ADHD and anxiety inspired her to discover the benefits of matcha green tea, shaping her brand's focus on providing a healthy, jitter-free energy source accessible to the neurodiverse.

At 26 years old, originally from New York City and now based in London, Marisa is passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, scaling businesses, resilience, and advocating for neurodiversity.

Key Topics

  1. Entrepreneurship

  2. Startups and Scaling Businesses

  3. Resilience and Overcoming Adversity

  4. ADHD and Anxiety

  5. Neurodiversity

  6. Food & Beverage Industry

  7. Young Founders

"Marisa is an excellent speaker that leaves a real impression on the audience. Her passion shines through in her story and her journey with PerfectTed is inspiring for any aspiring entrepreneur."

Marisa Poster

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