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Maya Raichoora

Mental Fitness and Visualization Expert and TEDx Speaker


Maya is a prominent figure in the realm of mental fitness and visualization, recognized as one of the UK's foremost experts in these fields.

With a track record of success as an award-winning entrepreneur and two-time TEDx speaker, Maya has established herself as a trusted coach to CEOs, athletes, and celebrities alike. Her client roster includes industry giants such as Nike, Gymshark, Asics, Lego, and American Express.

As the host of "Mental Fitness Live," Maya shares her insights and strategies for optimizing mental performance.

Her captivating personal story and powerful visualizations resonate deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

With topics ranging from mindset and resilience to neuroscience and productivity, Maya's presentations have graced over 100 stages worldwide, earning accolades for their captivating delivery and profound inspiration.

Key Topics

  1. Training Like an Athlete, Thinking Like the Top 1%

  2. Resilience and Hope: Unlocking Your Inner Strength

  3. Vision and Purpose: Aligning Your Goals with Your Values

  4. Neuroscience of Performance: Optimizing Your Mind for Success


"Hands down the most captivating talk I have ever been in"
"I will remember this for a long time"
"Your sheer vulnerability and honesty was so powerful. Speechless really"
"I have worked in premier football for 13 years. That was the best talk I have heard."

Maya Raichoora

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