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Mica Vaipan

Founder of RunYourself


Mica Vaipan's journey from ex-Soviet Moldova to the UK, transitioning from investment banking to tech startups, shaped her understanding of leadership and personal development.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional command-and-control approaches, Mica discovered the transformative power of coaching.

Through her experience as a leader in tech startups and her dedication to coaching, she founded RunYourself, an AI-powered peer coaching platform.

Mica's mission is to equip leaders with coaching skills, fostering effective communication, resilience, and personal growth.

Key Topics

  1. Entrepreneurship as a Woman and Mother

  2. Effective Communication

  3. The Importance of Coaching Skills For Managers and Leaders

  4. Confidence & Befriending Your Inner Critic

  5. Resilience & Burnout

  6. Time Management

  7. Personal Core Values & Purpose

"The trajectories of my personal life and my startup have both undergone dramatic transformations since beginning to work with Mica. She has helped me navigate a tough period and bring the business out of the pandemic in a stronger position than it's ever been before. In a personal capacity, Mica has helped me make improvements to numerous dimensions of my life that have made me happier and healthier, and that have had very tangible knock-on effects on the performance of my business. On a deeper level, Mica has helped me unpack a lot of self-limiting beliefs and to fundamentally change my mindset (and associated outcomes) in just six months. In a nutshell: Mica has been an incredibly supportive, compassionate, challenging, and life-changing coach", James McAulay, Tech Startup Founder & CEO

Mica Vaipan

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