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Nia Tyler Phillips

Inspirational Singer and Stroke Survivor


Nia Tyler's journey is one of resilience and determination. A fluent Welsh speaker with a passion for music, Nia initially pursued a degree in Psychology at university.

However, during her third year, she faced a life-altering challenge when she suffered a stroke.

Despite grappling with various symptoms of brain injury, Nia emerged as an advocate for young stroke survivors, shedding light on the challenges they face.

Drawing strength from her love for singing, Nia chose to pursue a career as a singer, drawing inspiration from genres like pop, soul, and country.

Today, she not only captivates audiences with her powerful vocals but also uses her platform to raise awareness about strokes, promote self-belief, and advocate for those with hidden disabilities.

Key Topics

  1. Resilience

  2. Awareness of strokes in young people

  3. Self-belief

  4. Life perspective

  5. Hidden disabilities

"Nia's story is inspirational, one not to be missed!"

Nia Tyler Phillips

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