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Nick Elston

Inspirational Speaker on the Lived Experience of Mental Health and Speaking Coach


Nick Elston, an award-winning inspirational speaker on the lived experience of mental health, is globally recognised for his impactful talks. Named Speaker & Influencer 2023, Nick engages audiences in conferences, boardrooms, and even prisons with his powerful insights.

Renowned for his 'BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty,' his talks are described as utterly engaging and inspirational, blending personal experiences seamlessly with practical insights.

Nick shares his journey dealing with Mental Illness, Mental Ill-Health, and Breakdown and has spoken to the likes of American Express, BBC, Lloyds Banking Group and KFC to name a few.

Nick reshapes mental health discussions, emphasising engagement and its transformative impact. By exploring the influence of anxiety on success, he encourages breaking free from comfort zones.

Key Topics

1. To discover the difference between Mental Health versus Mental Illness

2. Gain understanding on why people do what they do & feel how they feel

3. Learn processes for creating positive transformation in any situation

4. Find out how we can approach Mental Health differently & have better conversations to support others

5. Discover the secret to engagement & self protection when helping those around us

6. Emotional Leadership & the power of emotional connection - a playbook to thrive

7. Marginal Gains - the way to succeed through any transformation

"Nick is an incredibly honest and impactful speaker, inspiring and supporting so many people by sharing his lived experience of mental health. His powerful talks with Tesco colleagues have had excellent feedback - with more events being planned in the future. Highly recommended!" - Sue Couter, Tesco


Nick Elston

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