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Nick Jemetta

Award-winning Mental Health Campaigner, Speaker and Wellbeing Consultant


Nick Jemetta is on a mission to make work better. He partners organisations to grow collective resilience, wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

Nick sparks change in people by cultivating the human skills for line managers, teams, and individuals to flourish.

Drawing on 17 years of corporate experience, and his journey from teenage introvert to business owner (via media stardom and corporate burnout!), Nick knows the importance of being more human.

He is a multi-award-winning mental health campaigner, disarming speaker, trainer, and facilitator who can cover a range of different topics for all audiences.

Key Topics

1. Mental Health - How my own journey shows we can all live and thrive despite changes in our mental health.

2. Uncertainty - How my career has taught me the skills, habits and mindset to more confidently navigate uncertainty.

3. Saying No - How learning the power of 'No' has boosted my wellbeing & productivity.

4. Burnout - The lessons you can learn from my experience of burnout and work stress.

5. Resilience - How my life has taught me to build resilience as a mental muscle.

6. Culture - What the best and worst workplace cultures have taught me about organisational success.

7. Leadership - Why we need more Human Leaders to make work better.

8. Career development - How I unlocked opportunities in the messy reality of work.

9. Smashing the stigma - How my 'Fancy Dress Dad' adventure made mental health less scary.

"Nick's impact at our wellbeing drop-in was powerful. He really engaged the team. Nick provoked many interesting discussions and ideas - invaluable as we refine our wellbeing strategy."


Nick Jemetta

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