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Paige Nunu

Storytelling Strategist & Co-founder


Paige transitioned from brand enthusiast to storytelling strategist, driven by her passion for curating impactful narratives.

As the co-founder of doopGroup, a brand and strategy consultancy emphasizing female empowerment, she channels her experiences to inspire change.

With over 30 international business talks under her belt, she shares insights on inclusivity, entrepreneurship, resilience, and purpose, encouraging audiences to embrace their stories and effect positive change.

Key Topics

  1. Inclusivity & Diversity - Being black, female & misrepresented in business

  2. Life learning – how I've learnt perfectionism is a defence mechanism

  3. Entrepreneurship – don't joint the band if you're not willing to toot you own horn

  4. Female business owner – the necessity of emotional intelligence in business

  5. Recreate your narrative – how being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 29 changed everything for me

  6. Sexual harassment in the workplace and having the bravery to finally speak out

  7. Building your resilience – why the experience of rejection and humiliation in the workplace is a necessary building block

  8. What being young and undervalued in the workplace taught me about self-worth discovering your purpose

  9. What high-ranking titles and attempting to orchestrate my life has taught me

"Paige's approach to topics such as entrepreneurship is real and authentic. Just what today's society needs."

Paige Nunu

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