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Petra Salaric

Taboo Specialist & Activist


Petra Salaric is a renowned researcher, designer, and activist, known for her groundbreaking work in taboo subjects. As the founder of pstaboo, the world's first consultancy specializing in taboos,

Petra has dedicated her career to challenging societal norms and sparking uncomfortable conversations. With nearly a decade of experience in design and art across three continents, Petra's unique framework for addressing taboo topics is widely recognized and implemented.

She has collaborated with NGOs, lectured at universities, and presented her work at conferences worldwide.

Petra's mission is to dismantle taboos surrounding various aspects of life, from health to entrepreneurship, and empower individuals to embrace open dialogue and tackle inequalities head-on.

Key Topics

  1. The Importance of Addressing Taboo Subjects

  2. Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations

  3. Breaking Taboos for Personal Freedom

  4. Taboos and Entrepreneurship: A Path to Success

  5. Taboos in the Workplace: Understanding and Addressing Them

  6. Leadership and Taboo: Challenging Norms for Effective Leadership

  7. Women and Taboos: Overcoming Inequalities and Stigmas

  8. Taboos and Health: Recognizing Silent Impactors

  9. Taboos and Design: Integrating Taboo Topics in Design Projects

"Petra continues to challenge societal norms and provide valuable insights on navigating taboo subjects, enhancing workplace wellbeing, and fostering inclusivity."

Petra Salaric

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