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Petra Velzeboer

Mental Health Expert, TEDx Speaker and CEO of Mental Health Consultancy PVL


Petra's passion for mental health advocacy stems from her tumultuous past. Raised in a notorious cult, she overcame addiction, depression, and anxiety, emerging as a powerful speaker and psychotherapist. Her personal triumph is a testament to the resilience she now inspires in others.

Having experienced toxic work environments, Petra is on a mission to change the world of work. Through dynamic talks, she challenges conventional well-being norms, promoting positive psychology, elite performance, and resilient team building.

Petra's captivating talks have graced prestigious stages worldwide, including PwC, Channel 4, Monzo Bank, and Havas Lynx group.

Key Topics

1. Leadership / Inset Days for Staff

2. Boosting Resilience through Adversity

3. How my Life in a Cult taught me to be Successful Outside of the Rules

4. Mental Health - Prevention, Lifestyle, Recovery

5. Addiction

6. Career Mentoring

7. Entrepreneurship

"We invited Petra to speak at our Mental Health Awareness event on dealing with stress and were blown away by her incredible unique story and her authenticity. She is an accomplished presenter and coach who provided a tonne of practical advice on how to look after your mental health told through unforgettable stories and analogies. We’re now getting her back in to be part of our leadership development curriculum." - TFC COO Monzo


Petra Velzeboer

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