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Rebekah Lloyd

Women's Health and Careers Expert


Rebekah Lloyd is a passionate advocate for women's health and careers, dedicated to helping individuals achieve health, wealth, and fulfillment in life.

After experiencing burnout, chronic pain, and a delayed endometriosis diagnosis, Rebekah founded This Independent Life (TIL) to support people facing similar challenges.

Through TIL, Rebekah delivers talks, events, and consulting services focused on women's health, career advancement, and leveraging business as a force for good.

Rebekah's commitment to using business as a force for good is reflected in her client list, which includes prominent organizations such as Barclays, UNiDAYS, Whistles, and the University of Oxford.

She has been featured in notable publications such as The Guardian, Nasdaq, and BBC, and has provided evidence to the UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee for the Government Women’s Reproductive Health Inquiry.

Rebekah's impact extends globally, with talks delivered worldwide to thousands of individuals and organizations across various sectors and industries.

She hosts an annual conference on the Future of Endometriosis and Women’s Health and hosts the This Independent Life podcast, providing free access to advice and guidance on women's health, careers, and entrepreneurship.

Key Topics

  1. Interest, Investment, and Innovation in Women’s Health and Careers

  2. Navigating Women’s Health Challenges

  3. Supporting Chronic Invisible Illness

  4. Setting Boundaries & Preventing Burnout

  5. From Pain to Purpose: Channeling Adversity into Advocacy

  6. Conquering Impostor Syndrome

  7. Authentic Presenting & Networking

  8. Building a Career in Women’s Health

  9. Navigating Women’s Health in the Workplace

"Rebekah Lloyd's insights have been invaluable in our journey towards creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment. Her expertise in women's health and career advancement is unparalleled." - UN Women UK Delegate
"Rebekah's evidence to the UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee was instrumental in shaping the discourse on women's reproductive health. Her dedication to advocating for positive change is commendable." - UK Parliament Representative
"Rebekah Lloyd's conference session on boundaries attracted over 11,000 attendees, underscoring her ability to engage and inspire audiences on critical topics." - Conference Organizer

Rebekah Lloyd

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