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Rhea Sam

Data Scientist


Rhea Sam is a dynamic data scientist living and thriving in London. With a keen eye for the intersection of AI, data, and business, she's on a mission to break down silos and fuel data-driven solutions across industries.

As an immigrant who's successfully navigated the corporate world in a new country, Rhea brings a unique perspective to adapting to new cultures and making the most of opportunities abroad. Her journey into Data Science serves as an inspiring roadmap for those looking to break into this exciting field.

Rhea's expertise spans from cutting-edge AI research in LLM evaluation and prompt engineering to practical strategies for creating truly data-driven teams. She's passionate about helping businesses leverage data to power their products and solutions, ensuring that technology and business goals align seamlessly.

With a love for reading and a talent for connecting complex ideas, Rhea delivers engaging talks that illuminate the path from tech novice to data science pro. Whether she's discussing unconscious bias in data or sharing tips on pivoting into tech, her insights are both practical and inspiring.

Key Topics

  1. Navigating corporate life as an immigrant

  2. Breaking into Data Science: A practical guide

  3. AI research: LLM evaluation and prompt engineering

  4. Bridging the gap between business and tech through Data Science

  5. Building truly data-driven teams

  6. Overcoming unconscious bias in data

  7. Career opportunities in tech: Conventional and non-conventional routes

  8. Women in tech: Challenges and triumphs


Rhea Sam

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