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Ritchie Gentles

Career Development Mentor and Senior Strategic Management Professional


Ritchie is a senior and strategic management professional, with over 10+ years combined experience working within project delivery and management organisations across the railway and data centre sectors.

Having delivered a variety of multi-million pound projects supporting the UK infrastructure, he has utilised his years of experience in helping others within their own professional development.

One of Ritchie's many passions is working and mentoring young people, supporting career development of those wanting to progress within their chosen path and working with driven individuals with aspirations to break barriers and progress into industries with a lack of diverse representation.

Outside of his role as a management professional, Ritchie holds a strong interest in property development and business, often advising and helping close associates with new ideas and initiatives to achieve their upscaling objectives.

Key Topics

1.Stereotypes and Breaking Barriers: Drawing from personal experiences, Ritchie raises awareness and offers strategies to overcome stereotypes.

2. Mental Health and Wellbeing: Creating safe spaces for open dialogue, Ritchie encourages men to address mental health challenges and shares his own journey.

3. Achieving Your Aspirations: Guiding individuals to discover their passion and navigate their unique career paths.

"Ritchie's talks are relatable and easy to understand. If you are in need of a speaker to break down barriers and start conversations, he can do just this."

Ritchie Gentles

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