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Ryan Hopkins

Chief Impact Officer at JAAQ, Host of The Audacious Goals Club


Ryan's goal is to engage 1 billion people in the betterment of wellbeing.

His approach to create workplaces where employees can be happy, healthy and more productive introduces proactive, quantifiable and holistic strategies.

Ryan has positively influenced the lives of over 100,000 people, his talks bring a fresh perspective to wellbeing and proven solutions to solve problems in the workplace.

Collaborations include: Sainsbury’s, Finastra, Microsoft, BBC, Amazon and Dyson. A speaker not to be missed.

Key Topics

1. What is the future of wellbeing and why should you care? Bike schemes, bananas and one off events don’t cut it.

2. The paradox of wellbeing - the less it is mentioned the more likely you are to achieve it - how I have improved wellbeing in global businesses.

3. How the word 'wellbeing' makes people roll their eyes and can be so 'woowoo' that it engages no one - the truth of it's simplicity and how we can flush + flourish.

4. Building resilience – discussing controllables + non controllables and how worries are simply worries. Learning about committing to levelling up a controllable life.

5. Non-negotiable wellbeing – Introducing the concept, defining your own and building it into your day.

6. The future of hybrid working - how to get the perfect balance of flexibility working from home, coupled with moments of in person connection - solving the hybrid paradox in the new world of work.

"Brilliant, informative, energetic and thought-provoking session that was well facilitated. Ryan was a very engaging speaker and gave a fresh perspective on what the working environment could look like in the future. Excellent session!"


Ryan Hopkins

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