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Ryan Stephens

Mindset & Well-Being Mentor, Ultra-Marathon Runner and Breathwork Facilitator


Ryan Stephens is a Swansea-based Mindset & Accountability Coach with a mission to impact 10 million lives.

Through challenges like running ultra-marathons and immersive cold-water experiences, he builds mental resilience that translates into overall well-being.

Ryan's journey includes overcoming setbacks, including a transformative period of incarceration at 21.

He emerged with qualifications in counseling, substance misuse, and mentoring, now using his experiences to inspire others to embrace adversity and flourish.

With a focus on pushing limits and extracting life lessons, Ryan's approach guides individuals toward happiness, fulfilment, and goal attainment.

His diverse background, coupled with a commitment to empowerment, makes Ryan an inspiring speaker for personal growth and resilience.

Key Topics

1. Following your North Star & Discovering your Why

2. Prison to the Penthouse: The journey from a prison cell to happiness.

3. The Art of Persistence

4. Beating The Bullies: Boosting Self-Worth & Self-Perception

5. Finding your Tribe & The Power of Connection

“Ryan’s zest for living every moment of life is infectious. His commitment to pushing past limiting beliefs and creating a life of joy is inspiring."


Ryan Stephens

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