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Saadiya Yusuf

Chronic Illness Advocate, Storyteller and Senior Consultant


Saadiya uses her personal experiences of Sickle Cell Anaemia to raise awareness for chronic illnesses and it's impact on daily life.

Her talks discuss overcoming challenges in the workplace, navigating relationships and advocating for health in various settings.

Saadiya's work has featured in Stylist, she has also written on navigating invisible illness at work for Black Ballad.

She has also founded The Invisible Crisis. This is an educational platform that shares the realities of navigating: the medical environment, work, friendships and life.


Key Topics

1. Advocating for your health with healthcare professionals, at work, at school, with friends, or in relationships.

2. Navigating work, friendships & self-care with a chronic illness.

3. Prioritising your mental health & wellness in the workplace.

4. Building mental wellness & resilience.

5. The connection between mental, physical & emotional health.

6. Identity as a Black British Muslim woman with a chronic illness.

"Saadiya's message is one every business should consider for their employees. We need to do more to raise awareness of invisible illness in a working environment."

Saadiya Yusuf

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