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Simon Alexander Ong

Personal Development Entrepreneur, Coach, Bestselling Author


Simon believes that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Because the more you grow, the more you feel alive. And the world needs more people like this!

His debut book Energize was published by Penguin in April 2022 and became an instant bestseller. It also received endorsements from the likes of New York Times bestselling authors Simon Sinek, Marie Forleo and Dr Marshall Goldsmith.

Simon's work has seen him invited onto Sky News and BBC to be interviewed, while Barclays featured him in a nationwide campaign asking him questions on how families could embrace better lifestyle habits.

You can also see him featured in HuffPost, Forbes, Virgin and the Guardian.

He also regularly speaks at organisations (these have included Salesforce, Microsoft, EY, Adobe and Unilever) and global conferences.

Key Topics

1. Why Energy is Everything.

2. Why Happy Employees Matter.

3. Obstacles to Opportunities.

4. How to Lead with Purpose.

5. Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

6. How Successful Businesses Think Differently.

7. Why Every Business Needs Powerful Storytelling to Grow.

"Simon really knows how to capture and keep hold of his audiences’ attention. He has powerful insights and stories that we can all relate to and should implement in our lives. Truly inspirational!” - Danielle Stigwood, Business Sales Specialist at Flagship Microsoft Store

Simon Alexander Ong

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