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Suzanne Vernazza

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Founder of Know Your Floors


Suzanne Vernazza is a seasoned Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and the Founding Director of Know Your Floors, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing awareness and education in pelvic health.

With over two decades of experience in both the NHS and private sector, Suzanne has spent the last eight years specializing in pelvic health physiotherapy.

At Know Your Floors, Suzanne has pioneered the #squeezealong movement on social media, amassing over 630,000 followers on TikTok.

This initiative has garnered attention on prominent platforms such as Katie Piper's breakfast show and BBC Radio One. Additionally, Suzanne has shared her expertise as a panel member on Radio 5 Live with Nicky Campbell.

Her mission is to debunk misconceptions, initiate conversations about pelvic health, advocate for prevention, and encourage individuals to seek support for any symptoms they may experience.

As an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, Suzanne tirelessly promotes pelvic health and strives to dismantle barriers to accessing pelvic healthcare services.

Key Topics

  1. Dispelling Pelvic Health Myths: Educating audiences about common misconceptions and promoting proactive pelvic health practices.

  2. Harnessing Social Media for Health Advocacy: Sharing insights into leveraging social media platforms for health education and advocacy efforts.

  3. Navigating Healthcare Leadership: Drawing from her extensive experience, Suzanne discusses effective leadership strategies in healthcare settings.

  4. Breaking Down Barriers to Pelvic Health Care: Addressing obstacles to accessing pelvic health services and advocating for improved accessibility and inclusivity.

"Suzanne's dedication to pelvic health education is truly inspiring. Her insightful talks have shed light on important topics and motivated our audience to prioritize their well-being. Her expertise and passion shine through in every presentation, making her a highly impactful speaker."

Suzanne Vernazza

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