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Tammy Okwara

Manager at Microsoft and Founder


Tammy has shattered barriers as a Nigerian woman in tech at Microsoft as a Customer Success Manager, showcasing that determination can lead to a successful pivot into the tech world, even without a formal background.

As the visionary founder of, Tammy empowers fellow Africans to seize international opportunities by simplifying complex admission processes in multiple countries.

Tammy's journey is a testament to breaking stereotypes, bridging continents, and achieving milestones with unwavering passion.

Key Topics

1. Navigating the Tech Industry as a Black Professional

2. How I got into Tech without a Tech related Degree

3. The World is your Oyster: How I changed my life in 5 years in a foreign country

4. How I leveraged being Black to build an International Career

"Tammy's unique journey is a story of resilience and empowerment."

Tammy Okwara

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