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Teddie Levenfiche

Co-Founder of PerfectTed as seen on Dragon's Den


Teddie Levenfiche, co-Founder of PerfectTed, achieved remarkable success as a Dragons' Den winner, securing offers from all five Dragons and enlisting Steven Bartlett onto the team.

Recognised as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, Teddie navigated the competitive business landscape with finesse.

PerfectTed swiftly grew from inception to £5 million in just 18 months, solidifying its presence in over 4,500 stores across 26 markets.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Teddie's diverse background as a former consultant for Bain & Co, Division 1 athlete, and Harvard Law School admit underscores his commitment to excellence and continual growth.

Teddie's journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Key Topics

1. Entrepreneurship

2. From £0 to £5m in just 18 months - Scaling a Business

3. Mental Health & Vulnerability

4. Resilience: Dealing with a Personal Loss

5. Inspiration and Spreading Good Energy

Steven Bartlett hailed their partnership as his "best investment ever on the Den."

Teddie Levenfiche

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