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Teresa Clark

Founder of The Wellness Revolution & Motivational Speaker


Teresa Clark is the founder of The Wellness Revolution, a motivational speaker and wellbeing expert who has overcome a very moving and traumatic personal history to spearhead positive social change.

Her powerful transformative journey of recovery from extreme physical injury, and psychological and emotional trauma has birthed a life trajectory centred around a deep passion and purpose to help others enhance their wellbeing.

Her wealth of expertise spans over 15+ years of experience working in mental health for the criminal justice system, NHS, charity sector and the corporate world. In 2021 she was named one of Inside Out Leaderboard’s most influential role models in mental health in business, for her work to drive awareness and break down mental health stigma at work.

She’s worked with everyone from ex-offenders and the most disadvantaged and severely mentally ill members of society to senior leaders and CEOs.

Championing the power of positive thinking and self-belief, Teresa empowers people to live authentically, grow beyond their limitations and thrive.

Her work and her story have been featured on BBC Breakfast Show, BBC 5 Live, BBC Life Changing, Raconteur and The Telegraph.

Spoken at Barclays, Barclays Eagle labs, Raconteur, On Deck, Trivago, BBC Breakfast Show, BBC Life Changing, Keyloop, Synamedia, BBC 5 Live, Culturebrained, The Leaders Council and Innovation Circus.

Key Topics

  1. The Power of YOU!

  2. Turning pain into purpose

  3. 10 Life lessons learnt the hard way

  4. The power of resilient thinking

  5. Shifting perspective and breaking bias

  6. Cultivating wellbeing cultures

  7. Reimagining the workplace

"Teresa is a great storyteller. The session was compelling and surprising, and as a direct result, it made us think more deeply about how we encounter bias both at work and in our personal lives." - Tom Kilroy, CEO, Keyloop
"Teresa is incredibly enthusiastic. I attended a talk she delivered recently regarding the importance of workplace mental health - not only was it a personal account but also very thought-provoking, and Teresa was helpful in sharing ideas employers can take to safeguard the well-being of their employees. Highly recommend." - Bill Dunkerley, Associate Partner, Pannone Corporate
"What truly sets Teresa apart is her natural ability to connect with people. She possesses a warm and approachable demeanor that immediately put the audience at ease, encouraging active participation and fostering a collaborative atmosphere..." - Anis Alexandros El Namparaoui, Community Manager, CultureBrained

Teresa Clark

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