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Tommy Hatto

Wellbeing Coach and Founder of Tommy Hatto Online


Tommy specializes in supporting individuals and organizations with issues such as imposter syndrome, self-esteem, eating disorders, and body image.

He has a combined social media following of over 100,000 and won the Mental Health Blog Award for Social Media Champion in 2022.

Tommy works with top experts in fitness, nutrition, life-coaching, and dermatology to develop effective wellbeing strategies for both individuals and organizations, resulting in decreased employee turnover.

Key Topics

1. The Pursuit of Perfection - The stigma of body image and eating disorders and how I learnt self-validation.

2. Male Body Image - Why men should also learn to love themselves.

3. The Lost Identity - How my experience of being ethnically ambiguous and mixed race shaped my identity.

4. The Power of Vulnerability - How being vulnerable became my superpower.

5. Change Management - Why understanding change is essential for all workplace initiatives.

6. Healthy = Whole - How health encompasses nutrition, fitness and mental health and how it transformed my life and mindset.

"Tommy's session was a welcomed insight into how the pressures of peers, family and society can negatively contribute to potentially life-damaging body issues. Whether you have experience body issues yourself or not, Tommy gives a raw and honest perspective on a truly personal struggle and shares his learnings on how he overcame it."


Tommy Hatto

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