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Victor Sosanya

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Early Careers Speaker


Victor Sosanya is an award-winning entrepreneur and early careers speaker, specializing in delivering powerful keynotes and workshops to equip students and graduates with the information they need to achieve early career success.

He collaborates with HR Managers, Learning & Development Teams, and Educators to bring out the best in young talent, training emerging leaders to develop their soft skills, personal branding, and resilience.

His clientele includes esteemed companies like Amazon, BCG, University of Cambridge, King’s College London, and the World Education Summit.

Key Topics

  1. From Entry-Level to Excellence

  2. Dismantling Imposter Syndrome

  3. Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

  4. Transforming Stress into Productivity

  5. How to Get Recognized on LinkedIn

  6. The Personal Branding Blueprint

  7. Creating Community, From Strangers to Neighbors

“Victor Sosanya led a wonderful input at the City of London's recent event, ‘Skills: Trends and Next Practice’. He presented a very powerful argument for the value of fusion skills. The points he made about work experience and the tangible and intangible benefits it brings to young people really resonated with the packed auditorium. He is an inspirational education futurist.” - Dr. Anne Bamford OBE, Global Education and Fusion Consultant
“I partnered with Victor to initiate an engagement event, for interns and graduates, and found Victor to be full of resources, great insights, with an amazing passion to create great inspirational content, which matches Victor's interpersonal skills at the time of delivering the keynote and peer-to-peer sessions. The students attending the in-person and virtual sessions shared very positive feedback; they were encouraged to think outside the box, to work together and learn from each other. Our team is looking forward to renew the experience with Victor.” - Patricia Magnena, Early Talent Experience Program Manager, Amazon
“Victor is a powerful keynote speaker who knows how to captivate an audience from start to finish. His energy is infectious, and his ability to relate to students at our University is remarkable. We’re very proud to know and work with Victor.” - Lord Simon Woolley, Principal at The Homerton College, Cambridge University

Victor Sosanya

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