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Victoria Causley

Women's Health Advocate and Founder of EmpowerPeriods


With a mission to spread awareness of menstruation and its unspoken symptoms, Victoria and her team attend universities and events, initiating open conversations about periods and normalizing the topic.

Victoria Causley, a Women's Health Advocate, discovered her passion for women's health while studying History at The University of Cardiff.

Her journey began with her dissertation on 'Attitudes toward menstruation in England in the early modern era,' sparking the creation of her brand EmpowerPeriods in 2021.

Through talks filled with motivation, inspiration, humour, and community-building, Victoria aims to empower individuals to embrace their bodies and break the silence surrounding menstruation.

Her goal is simple: to talk openly about periods and change the narrative from taboo to normalcy.

Victoria believes that through education and discussion, we can challenge societal norms and create a supportive environment for menstrual health.

Key Topics

  1. Open conversations about menstruation

  2. Normalizing period talk in schools, universities, and workplaces

  3. Education on menstrual health and hygiene

  4. Motivation, inspiration, and humour in discussing menstrual experiences

"I've learnt so many new things I wasn't taught in school!"
"I've learnt so much about my body!"
"Make's me feel like what I'm going through is normal."
"I finally know more about what's going on in my body!"

Victoria Causley

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